When I started Element Picks, I didn’t just want to create a great sounding and unique pick for every musician - I also wanted to do something more meaningful in the world. We know that the dangers of global warming are rising each year. Traditional guitar picks that you buy in your local music store may be convenient and cheap, but their production is contributing in part to global warming by way of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels. When we lose those picks (as I know so many of us do), it’s like spreading salt on a wound.

Here at Element Picks, we are motivated to strive towards a different future. We believe that we should all be doing our parts to minimize our impact on the earth as much as possible, and that is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted. If you don't know, One Tree Planted is a long-standing charitable organization that is dedicated to furthering environmental sustainability. Each year, One Tree Planted plants thousands of trees across the world which help counteract the effects of global warming. Element Picks has been inspired by their cause, and have chosen to donate $1 to them for every order placed, which amounts to 1 tree planted per order. See our most up-to-date certificate of sponsorship below:

For further assurance of our ongoing charitable donations to One Tree Planted, see the letter attached below:

If you feel compelled to donate to One Tree Planted personally, we’d encourage you to do so. Click here to see their website where you can learn more about their mission and place a donation.

- Gregory Franz, Founder of Element Picks