Rock On, Happy Customers

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Dragon Blood!!!

Beautiful pick, everyday wear! Quick to receive. Definitely a return customer!

Great Pick and amazing necklace

Love this pick, it is just the right thickness for playing guitar. I also like that it can remain a necklace. It’s nice to wear and always a reminder of my passion for music!

Love the look

The perfect rock and roll accent!

Sceptic to lover

I was wondering if it was worth the $35 and now that I have it I would say yes it was worth it! I actually use it, much heavier than a plastic pick!

Here’s another beautiful pick!

Again can’t say enough good things about these picks.

Great pick!!

I love theses picks. This one is particularly striking but all are quality picks. Some are thicker than others and this is good for different playing situations for me personally. I have ordered a number of these and will continue to because they are my favorite picks to use.

Great picks!

These are beautifully crafted and fun to play with. They have a great feel in the hand. Awesome picks!! Here’s a pic of my collection.


Pick review

Love them. 💘
Did not buy them to play guitar, But to have beside my guitar to bring me peace.

Bloodstone pick

Love this pick it’s great. Haven’t used anything else since I got it